Yvette Prieto

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Yvette Prieto was born in Cuba on March of 1979. She has two nationalities: Cuban and American. Her fame is pretty much result of marrying the former professional Basketball player Michael Jordan. She has a degree in Business management.


She was passionate about modeling since she was a little girl. She went to several models agencies and then she got booked for many designers and also little platforms.

Yvette comes from a really poor family; they went through a really bad season since her father left the house when she was just a baby. Her mother needed to work almost 20 hours a day to support her family. Yvette always dreamed about being big and having too much money to help her family.

Even when her life was not perfect, she says she is thankful for those things that gave her the character she has now.

She is sure that difficulties in life are not mean to kill you but to make you stronger. After years struggling with lack of things she always believed that her life would get better even if she could not see hope.

Personal Life:

Yvette Prieto met his husband Michael Jordan in 2008, they were really in love that they moved together one year after the first time they saw each other. In 2011 they got engaged and got married on April 27, 2015.

The ceremony was at “Bethesda by the sea Episcopal Church”; people said it was a really big ceremony full of luxuries but it was also emotional.

They went to Greece for the honeymoon.

People have talked really bad about that relationship since she is younger than Jordan. They seem to be bothered by the difference of age, but for Michael and Yvette it was never a problem they say there is no right or wrong age for love, when you love someone there is no barriers.

Another secret thing about her is that she used to date Julio Iglesias Jr, the singer.

Michael Jordan though she was a simple girl, he stated she was “Fantastic, beautiful, kind, humble and loving” and he confesses it was pretty much what made him fall in love with her.

He is also the second wife of Michael Jordan. His first marriage was with Juanita for 17 years.

Also Yvette was a republican according to Fox News.

She is not really active at social media accounts, she says her personal life is personal and she does not like to share it with anyone.

Net Worth:

She has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars.

Important facts about her family:

Michael and Yvette welcomed their daughters on February 11; they were born in West Palm Beach, Florida (United States).

They said their daughters were the best blessing. Their marriage was going for a really hard season, they were about to get divorced but then when they knew about Yvette’s pregnancy, it was a really good news for them.

They say it was something that gave them a genuine happiness. And the happiness was bigger when they saw the twins for the first time; Yvette stated Michael could not stop crying tears of joy.



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