Samantha Mohr

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Samantha Mohr is known to be a meteorologist and she works as a freelancer as the on-camera meteorologist and she is famous on the CNN television channel. Since it was her dream, she graduated in University of Saint Thomas in Texas. After the graduation, she started her work on small stations. While working, she was in charge of different weather conditions including cyclones and storms which were broadcasted live. Since she had good performance in such station, she got the courage of showing her outstanding performance in CNN.

She is known to be hardworking also devoted and had got many reviews about the presentation she has with many awards such as AP award, EMMY and Radio Television Director Award.

Samantha is known to cast the weather but she is also the most beautiful woman. She became Miss Georgia when she was still 23 years of age. Even if she has advanced age, she is still beautiful and she is sexy, slim and elegant. She still keeps the best measurement as she had when she was being crowned Miss Georgia. She is tall but she even looks taller because of high heels that she likes to wear. Her pictures in the swimsuits had been found on the internet and it is proved that she continues to maintain the perfect bikini body during even in her forties. She is famous to play in the movie called The Taking of Phelham 123 which also Denzel Washington was starring. She was in charge of doing weather news for the background of different scenes.

 In addition of reporting about weather, she likes gardening, skiing, hiking and cycling. She thinks that this can bring her closer to the nature and this makes her to stay fit and fresh. All these interests are also used to make her to be fit and she is involved in different social work. According to her bio, she is a part of the group leader gravity teens, habitat for humanity and triathlons.

Samantha Mohr is happy on how her life is going on and she is living as she always dreamed. Her net worth is over 300,000 dollars.

Samantha Mohr is a strong woman and she does not have a husband and there is no record of ever having a boyfriend. She is at the height of the career and she is committed to what she does. The fans can learn more about her from online website and he is known to have a twitter handle and also a Facebook account. From her work in Bay area, she returned to work in Georgia where she was in charge of the weather channel. She was a co-host of Weekend View with Dao Vu or Bill Keenly. After wards, she decided to join cnn international. In her two years at the CNN Center, she was in charge of Weekend Express at HLN.


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