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Peter McMahon was born on 6th June 1954 in Blackpool, Lancashire, in England. He is an English businessman, also famously known as the husband of Dana Perino, a renowned former White House Press secretary and current Fox News commentator on political issues. There is no information about his family or siblings on the internet.


There isn’t much information about Peter McMahon’s education online, but we presume that he went through formal education and probably studied business related topics given his good business skills.


Peter McMahon is mainly a business person. He is said to be dealing in international marketing and sales of medical products. Amazingly, it is said that Peter McMahon has been in the same business for almost half of his life, being roughly about thirty years. He must be good at it and a master of the skill. In fact, Peter McMahon has travelled the world on business trips, so it seems he has established good connection for his business.

McMahon has been good at what he does and for that reason he has held several senior positions in different reputable companies. Some of them include Wal-Mart in Germany, Japan and Tesco.

Peter McMahon later on got another senior position as the Chief Operating Officer at Loblaw’s, a big company in Canada. In fact, Loblaw’s is probably the largest food retailer in Canada, estimated to have more than $30 billion dollars in sales. While working there, McMahon was the officer in charge of many departments, including Supply Chain, Information Technology, Human Resource management, Labor Relations, Merchandising, store Operations and Loss Prevention departments. His output in the company was exemplary.

In the year 2013, McMahon was hired and become the Chief Executive Officer at Shopko’s.

Personal life

Peter McMahon is married to Dana Perino since September, 1998, who is a renowned former White House Press secretary currently working as Fox News commentator on political issues as earlier mentioned. Her passion for debates began when she was very young as she would argue with her father on current issues. His wife is respected for her work that even impressed George W. Bush to hire her in the White House as its secretary. Interestingly, she is a Conservative that has ever voted Republican.

The love story behind these two love birds is very thrilling. They met while travelling on a plane in 1997. McMahon was pretty old and his wife was so young that he honestly though he had no chance with the beautiful lady, so he never even tried to hit on her. Unexpectedly, she gave him her details and he just thought that she liked his British accent and his sense of humor. The two had a lavish wedding in England and went to Greek Island of Santori for their 10 days honeymoon. They then moved back to USA and resided in San Diego for 3 years. They now live in Manhattan.

McMahon and Perino do not have children together, but they own a dog called Jasper, which was born in April 2012. Perino is a huge lover of dogs. Notwithstanding, McMahon was previously married to two women, and he had children with them. He is actually a grandfather already.


McMahon is an intelligent and prestigious businessman, as well as a gentleman. He has a lot of success attributed to him and he surely inspires youngsters who want to follow his path, especially his retailer and international marketing career.


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