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Lara Berman was born on May 5, 1980 in the Jewish family of Julie, who is an artist from Israel, and Doctor Joseph Berman. She also has a brother Dane, who makes a living out of being a musician. She has graduated from high school in 1998 and decided to leave Texas in order to earn a degree in the New York’s University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Next step to her dream was pursuing a master’s degree in Journalism from the USC’s School in Annenberg. While studying there, she started appearing in different TV shows and films. For instance, she was leading a USC’s talk show, which made her certain that the path she should take is reporting.

Finally, a talented young actress was noticed during her reports on the red carpets, which allowed her to join the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). She was reporting only famous award-winning actors. As it usually happens, a famous interviewer leads to a fame of the report. Laura became well-known in the in the narrow circles. Lara Berman is not only a journalist and reporter, but a social right activist as well. In her college year she has also created the Intuitive Eating Peer Group. The purpose of the group was to make women give up destructive diet practices, and to instead teach them eating positive and healthy food and enjoy their bodies again. Berman was leading the group for five years, and was in charge of producing a monthly Intuitive Eating Newsletter at the same time, as well as hosting a TV program on this topic.

Oprah Winfrey's magazine has featured her work on this project. In 2008 she was a trip leader to Israel and that’s where she found her niche: spreading her love to Israel and its culture as she can. At the same time she received a Best-On-Air Talent Award from the Trojan Television and was producing the TV pilot series of the talk show, where she, as a host, was talking about different techniques on how to improve one’s life. 

Lara was anxious to share her love to Israel to other Jews and the best way to do that was creating a whole series of political satire series called Israel in Context. These video got a great feedback from the viewers, which inspired her to lead a similar project called Stand With Us. Additionally, Berman is working as a reporter for the Jewish News One International News. In recognition of Laura’s contribution to the population of the Jewish culture, her blog "Joyish" is featured in The Times of Israel. 
In 2012, Berman was taking part in seminar as one of the 40 media professionals worldwide to study the media's role in the Middle East conflict. Of course, Israel was on the list of the discussed territories. 

One of her most recent achievements is participation in the Community Leadership Initiative in the Jewish Federation in 2014. She also has her own web site where you can learn more about her.


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