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Kit Hoover is a TV personality, broadcast journalist, TV personality and sportscaster. She is famous for her segments in ESPN, Fox News Channel and Access Hollywood Live.

Personal life

Kit was born in 1970 in Atlanta. She did her schoolings in Atlanta and spent most of her childhood there. Kit lives in California with her husband, Crowley Sullivan. She has two daughters and a son with Crowley. When she was dating Crowley, there was no news about it. They kept their relationship far away from the media. They also did not inform about their engagement. The wedding was also a secret for media. Only close friends and family were invited. Her net worth is three million dollars. She is quite famous in social media circles. You can find a lot of pictures of her with her family in her page.

Her previous romantic relationships are not known to the media. She was never associated with any celebrity. She was never rumored to be in a relationship in the past. She was not seen with anyone with whom she could be rumored to be in a relationship. She was never married or engaged before meeting Crowley.

There are no details to how they met and how long they were dating before getting married. Till date, there are no details about her marital life. Since there are no rumors about any problems, it is assumed that they are leading their life happily. Kit never talks about her personal life in any media. Thus, there is no information about her life before she became famous. This includes details about her parents, childhood, siblings and others. Crowley never shared the screen with his wife. He and his children are inert to media. Thus, there is very little chance that we will be learning about her personal life in the near future.


Kit started her TV career in Road Rules: USA in 1995. She was hired as entertainment correspondent in American Journal in 1997. She worked there for almost two years and then joined Fox News as correspondent in 1999. She also served for Celebrity Spotlight, Pulse and others. She hosted a show named Fox Rules with Kit Hoover.

In 2003, she joined ESPN as co-host of Cold Pizza. In 2004, she became a judge in Dream Job, a reality contest of ESPN. She became a field reporter for tennis in 2004 for Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. She also covered Super Bowl for a few years. In 2005, she left Cold Pizza and continued her job in Dream Job. Dream Job was cancelled in 2006. She refused to take up a new role given to her by ESPN and left it in the same year.

In 2006, she started working for TV Guide Channel and in 2008, she hosted a makeover series of TLC. In 2010, she appeared in a reality TV program, Shaq Vs.In 2010, she hosted Access Hollywood Live along with Billy Bush. Her current and future career plans are not known to media. She never shared any details about her salary per month to the media.

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