Kayla Tausche

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Kayla McCall Tausche is an American journalist who works for CNBC. She is famous for her shows like Power Lunch, Squawk Alley and others.

Personal life

Kayla was born in Minnesota. Her father is a brand development and advertisement agency owner. Apart from this, there are no details about her parents. Her mother’s name is not mentioned in any media. Her relationship with her parents is not known to media. Her father was present during her wedding, which indicated that she was not estranged from her family. She got her bachelor degree in international politics and business journalism in 2008. She was a part of cheerleading team, when she was studying in college. She is now a marathon runner and she is quite active on Twitter too.

Whenever asked about her personal life, she used to mention that she was single and she was hunting for Mr. Right. For all the years under limelight, she was never known to have been in any serious relationship. She was never known to be dating. It was assumed that she was an acute workaholic. Out of the blue, she announced her marriage in 2015. She announced that she was marrying Jeffrey Jacob Izant in a church ceremony. Jeffrey is a law clerk. Three months after the announcement she got married to Jeffery.

It was said that they knew each other from her college days. They had their honeymoon in the Mediterranean. She never talked about Jeffery till her wedding announcement. Thus, there are no details about their romance relationship. Their marital life is assumed to be going smooth, as there are no rumors about separation.

Neither Kayla nor Jeffery was married before. They did not parent a child before wedlock. She announced that she is planning to settle down and raise a family. Thus, there are chances to hear baby news soon. She was not pregnant when she got married to him. She was never rumored to be in any celebrity relationship. There was no rumor about her personal life. She talks very little about her parents, siblings and her romantic life. After marriage, her marital life also became a secret.

She is quite active on social media and shares a lot of professional information. There are no personal pictures or information in her sites which could provide more stories about her life. She was never associated with any extra marital life. She is assumed to be a single child to her parents.


She worked for Brussels Bureau of Associated Press when she was studying in her college. After her college, she took up a job in Bloomberg LP. She then joined with Mergemarket. She was a frequent guest to CNBC when she was working with Mergemarket.

In 2011, she joined CNBC as an assignment reporter. She also contributes to Today, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, Weekend Today and others. She never talked about her career life, a lot. Her biography is filled with general information about her job and life. Her future career plans and milestones are not known to the media. Just like her personal life, details about her salary and net worth are also not known to media.

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