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Juan Williams was born on 10th April 1954 in Colon, Panama, in the USA, to Akin Jules William and Sharon Williams, who were both Panamanian. His father was a boxing trainer. Juan was brought up in the Episcopal branch of the Anglican Church, of which his father was a member. In the year 1958, his family moved to the Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, New York. That is where he grew up. He is prominently known as an author, American journalist as well as a political analyst among others.


Juan Williams schooled at the Oakwood Friends School in Poughkeepsie in New York. He graduated from the school in 1972. While in the school, Juan had various other responsibilities and leadership roles.

He was a clerk of the school’s student body, and an editor of the student paper. In the extra curriculum activities, Williams was also doing well in playing baseball, and he even became the captain of the baseball team. He used to participate in cross-country and played for the championship basketball team 0of the same school.

Juan later on attended Harverford College, where he pursued a baccalaureate in Philosophy. He completed successfully and graduated in 1976


Surprisingly, Juan has ever worked as a gardener, at the age of 14, at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. He wanted to sustain himself and help his parents.

Immediately Juan finished college, he immediately joined The Washington Post in 1976. He worked in the office for many years, until 1999. He was an editorial writer, a columnist as well as a correspondent for the White House.

He is a documentary writer, and he composed some famous documentaries such as Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary in 2000, and Enough in 2006. His publications are informative and they critique a lot of overlooked things in our society.In 1989, Williams received an Emmy Award for television documentary writing. He is an exemplary writer and very brilliant.  He has also won several awards for investigative journalism and for his opinions on newspaper columns especially. He has written widely for magazines such as Fortune, Ebony and GQ magazines.

Williams also worked as a news analyst and later as a senior national correspondent for NPR since the year 2000, where he did well. He was however fired later in October 20, 2010 after he was allegedly breaking the rules of the stations reporting standards and practices. He said something to the effect that "… if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous…..”

Juan joined Fox News in 1997 to date, and has been a contributor ever since. After NPR terminated his contract, Fox News offered him a $2 million considerable raise. The new contract was for three years. His role was expanded, and he also became a regular guest-host role Friday nights on The O'Reilly Factor.

Personal life

Juan Williams is a family man who has been married to his wife, Susan Delise since 1st July 1978 to date! Together, they have two children. In fact, their son, Raffi Williams, who graduated from the same school as his dad, is taking after his father in the writing world. He is working in the deputy press secretary for the Republican National Committee (RNC). His family is undoubtedly a treasure that he holds.

Williams has released several books, including "This Far by Faith: Stories From the African American Religious Experience", "Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary"."My Soul Looks Back in Wonder: Voices of the Civil Rights Experience", "I'll Find a Way or Make One: A Tribute to Historically Black Colleges and Universities" and many others. His net worth is approximately $2 million dollars.

Awards and honors

Remarkably, Williams has received honorary doctorates from Haveford College and the State University of New York.

Some of his other awards include the Front Page Award, Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild in 1979, Education Writers of America in 1979, Columnist of the Year, Washingtonian in 1982, Outstanding Memorial Book, Myers Center for the Study of Human Rights in the United States, and the  American Association of University Women political commentary award.

Juan Williams is an intelligent man who stands by his grounds. His comments are mostly thought out very well, and he is one person to look up to. With his many years of experience, he is undoubtedly one of the best professionals in his fields of practice.




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