Jessica Steen

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Jessica Steen is a Canadian actress who is famous for her roles in Armageddon, Earth 2, NCIS, Flashpoint and others. She is also famous for her roles in CBC series, Heartland.

Personal life

Steen was born in Ontario. Her mother, Joanna Noyes is an actress and her father Jan Steen is an actor and director. She is currently 49 years old and she never had a serious relationship that is known to public. Her single life has created a lot of rumors. It was said that she lost her love-of-her-life when she was young and does not want to get back into the dating game again. This rumor rose after the rumor of she being in a relationship with David Newsom. Neither David nor Steen came out of media to talk about his rumor. Since there was no concrete proof for the same, the rumor died off quickly.

There was news that David and Steen were having an affair and it did not mature into a relationship. No reason was stated for the same. Some people say that she married David. The fact is that she is still single and has no romantic connection with David. Some people say that she has an attitude that is making it hard for her to stay in a relationship. This rumor did not stand for long as she is known for her kind nature through her involvement in several charitable activities. People, close to her, claim that she simply does not have time to be committed in a relationship.

She is quite active in her Twitter account and she has millions of followers. She rarely replies to her followers. She has a net worth of 2 million dollars. When asked about her personal life, she mentioned that she spends her free time with Peggy, her dog. She was never a part of any extra marital affair. She was never in a public celebrity relationship. She was never seen with anyone with whom she could be rumored to be having an affair. She has never mothered a child. She is currently living with her dog in her house. Apart from this, she does not provide any other information about her personal life.


When Steen was eight years old, she was casted for her The Sunrunners, a TV series along with her mother. Her first film debut was in 1986 in Young Again. In the next year, she became a regular in Captain Power and Soldiers of Future but, it did not last for more than a year. She was nominated for Gemini Award for her performance in that series.

She took up many Canadian series and American movies. In 1991, she moved to New York City. She took up a role in Loving and became popular among Americans. Her latest movie was in 2005, Left Behind: World at War. She has starred in a few short films too like Transit Lounge, The Ride Home and others. She is currently a part of Heartland since 2007. Apart from these, she is also a skilled fire eater, fire twirler, certified diver, stilt walker and many others. She is an active animal rights supporter and environmentalist.

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