James Hoffer

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James Hoffer is an investigative reporter for eyewitness news. He has a flourishing career on the TV. His mother is Patricia Hoffer who works with Lititz Pa.  James finished his studies with Temple University and he is the husband to the famous Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC. The two got married in 1993; he was working as a reporter that time with the WTNH-TV found in New Haven, which is the affiliate to the wabc-tv. Together with his wife, he has two children, both daughters.

James Hoffer had been an important person in the investigate team of WABC from 1998 when he joined.  Because of his undercover investigation, stricter requirements had been developed for the gun shows in New York. There have been congressional hearing in English to test the foreign airline pilots and more tough measurements have been developed in order to protect the military vessels.

From his biography James Hoffer was able to get 5 Emmys awards and was honored with the National Edward R Murrow Award  for the series of the investigate reports on the Con Ed, called Profit Over Safety. In the year 2001, he received the most esteemed award called DuPont Award from Columbia University and it was for exposing the lax security for the national naval bases.

James Hoffer with mika brzezinski, met when they were working on Fox, at its small station found in Connecticut, a place called Hartford. This is the time that his wife described as her big break since Jim was a star investigative reporter and also his future husband. Mika was described as being the daughter of  the Washington royalty since his father was an ex national security advisor of Jimmy Carter and also a counselor for the Center of Strategic and International Studies. He is a professor of Nitze School of Advanced International studies of The Johns Hopkins University. Her mother is called May B Brzezinski and she is a sculptor.

Mika became James Hoffer’s girlfriend for sometime before they decide to get married. Even if both Mika and James are successful in their career, his wife is still more popular than him and she became popular because of co-hosting the show with Joe Scarborough. On her twitter account, she has over 111,000 followers while his husband has only 4,303. However, their marriage continues to stand against the test of time.

The net worth of James Hoffer is not recorded from any source but for his wife, it is over 5 million dollars.  Mika is attractive woman but she is not that tall and she has only 165 cm. She has an attractive and charming style and everybody likes her. She has blonde hair and green eyes and a confident and charming personality. In the past, she looked beautiful with many admirers.


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