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Ginger Zee, the pseudonym of the famous television personality Ginger Renee Colonomos. Ginger Zee had a previous title called Zuidageest; after her marriage with her husband, she changed her title to Colonomos from Zuidageest. She is currently a very popular anchor for the weather reports on the popular television show GMA.


The television personality is born in the year of 1981 in the month of January and on the date of the 13. Zee is native to California and born in Orange County. Her mother was Dawn E Zuidageest and her brother was Sean Jeffry Zuidageest. Her mother came from the family of Hemleb and her father is Robert O Zuidageest who is especially known as Bob. Her father is a Dutch and she is named Ginger for the show of the Gilligan’s Island. The love towards this show made her earn the name Ginger and there her namesake Ginger Zee came up.

She extended family members

She has got an extended family where Carl John Craft is her stepfather and two step-sisters named Elaina Craft and Adrianna . Her grandparents, from the paternal side, are Hillegonda Zuidageest and Adriaan Cornelis Zuidageest. Adriaan is also called Arie or Adrian. Her paternal grandparents are originally from the Netherlands. Later, they migrated to USA. Zee’s maternal grandparents are Paula Adeline Wesner and George Joseph Hemleb.

Educational choice and chasing her dreams

Zee chose meteorology from her inspiration which she got at the age of eight. She had seen a waterspout in Michigan, which actually mesmerized her and gave her the inspiration to pursue her dreams to be a meteorologist. She found the waterspout very cool. Zee completed her graduation the year of 1999 from the High School of Rockford in Michigan. The high school is in Rockford itself. After completing her high school, she went to the University of Valparaiso. There she got a bachelor degree in science in metrology. Her main ambition, as she was graduating, was becoming a meteorologist by the age of 30 in the show The Today Show.

Career in the television

Zee started her career in television with her debut appearance in several media outlets like WYIN-TV and WEYI-TV as well. These media outlets are present in Merrillville, which is in Indiana. She also got cast in the media outlets in Grand Rapids, which is in Michigan. The names of the media outlets were WOOD-TV and WLAV-FM. She also got cast in the Chicago and the name of the media outlet was WMAQ.

This media outlet was owned by NBC. It was in 2006-2011 that she got a call to fill a guest show on The Today Show as a meteorologist. Her guest appearance was in the weekend’s edition. This gave her opportunity to fulfill her ambition as decided from the school time. In addition to this, Zee is also a very well-known popular broadcast meteorologist in AMS. This is a certified channel and Zee is a very popular and renowned anchor out there.

Her entry in the world of GMA

Her turning point in life came when she goes cast in the year 2011 in the month of November on the date of 12 when she joined the weekend editions of GMA. Now, Zee appears occasionally in the shows on ABC like ABC World News Tonight, Nightline. Another turning point came into her life when she got the promotion from the ABC News for the show of GMA. She was appointed as the chief meteorologist in the show. It was the year of 2013 and the month of December and the date was 2nd. She also got appointed as the new weather editor of ABC News. She succeeded over Sam Champion.

She also joined the Dance show in the year of 2014 in the month of March and on the date of the 4th. She has been announced the celebrity competitor in the show named Dancing with the Stars. It was the 22nd season and she got paired with the highly professional star named Valentin Chmerkovskiy. Her career has shaped in the best way possible as she has given her sheer hard work and complete dedication for achieving her mission as well as required goals.

A Sneak Peek into her personal life

It was the year of 2013 which went best for Zee. She got engaged to Ban Aaron, who is the personality of WNBC. Her engagement was in the month of August. The full name of Ben Aaron is Benjamin Aaron Colonomos. She later got married in the year of 2014 in the month of June and on the date of the 7th. The wedding venue was in Petoskey, which is in Michigan. She and her spouse declared on the show of GMA that Ginger was going to be a mother.

The announcement was in the year of 2015 in the month of June and the date of 29. On the Tuesday of the month of July and date of 7th GMA declared that they have a gender revealing segment only for the pregnants. Obviously, Zee got to know that she and her Aaron are going to be blessed with a baby boy. They both welcomed a baby boy in the month of December 19th in the year 2015.

Zee fighting with her disease

Zee was triggered by the disease of narcolepsy at the age of twenty-one, yet she was able to maintain a perfect pregnancy without any kind of complication. That was one blessing which she got. In the show, Dancing with Stars Zee has got the best score till date and is dancing in the best way possible.

Her acquaintance with the social networking sites

Zee is an active member in the twitter and Facebook. She gives her latest updates and stays connected with her huge fan following. She always gives her latest updates and receives lots of appreciation and comments from her fan followers. She also gives updates on her Facebook account.


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