George Valencia 

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George Valencia is one of the famous directors and writers of Hollywood. He is very popular among the people for her notable works.

Personal life

George Valencia was born in California. He was the only son of his parents. As he was born to his parents after a period of ten years, he was pampered a lot. He was born in a very rich family and was the only heir of a large property. He led a very luxurious life from childhood. He was always given very good livelihood facilities. His father was a popular businessman and his mother was a famous fashion designer. Both of them were quite established in their professions and had huge popularity in the society.

He was very brilliant and active as a child and used to play chess from the age of four only. He learnt to play chess from his father who was a great enthusiast of it. Besides this, he took great interest in sports from an early age. He used to play football with some of his neighbourhood friends and went to play golf with his father on every weekend. His father had a great interest in golf and wanted to make his son a golf player in the future. But he was not much interested in golf and loved to play football more.


He had a keen interest towards literature. He used to read a lot of books especially the fiction stories and novels. He had a special interest for romantic novels. From the age of only ten years, he started writing poems and stories. Whenever he got some free time he used to write stories. He is a very good creative writer and used to take part in several creative writing competitions. He wrote so well that he was asked to write the scripts of the drama club in his school. He mastered the art of writing and when he completed his high school education, he joined the university to pursue his education with film directions. He was a very good student in the university. He was also awarded as the best student in the university as his research papers were very interesting.

When he completed his university education, he started his career as a script writer. His career as a script writer was very smooth as he had a long writing experience. After some years, he started giving film directions to establish himself as a director. He directed many popular films and also some of the television series. Some of his major works are Moment to Moment, Glow Ropes and Brandi Chastain: A Tribute to a Champion.

His personal life is quite interesting and is also very famous in the media. He was previously married to his long time girlfriend and friend Candice Coke. The marriage did not go for long and they got separated after a few years. From the year 2009, he is engaged to his girlfriend Judy Reyes. The couple also did a secret legal marriage and did not involve any media.

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