Draya Michele

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Draya Michele is 25 years old and she is a model and actress. She is popular because she was on the show called Basketball Wives LA. She is also known to be a girlfriend of Christ Brown at a certain time. She was raised in Pennsylvania and she lives in Los Angeles. She is half-Italian and Half African-American. Her career took off when she was featured in different music videos such as Watch The Throne, Walking on The Moon, The Dream, Little Freak and When the money goes. With the music, she was able to get the kick start for her Hollywood career.

She appeared in more magazines, advertisements and advertisements. Draya has the net worth of 400 thousands made through modeling, music and clothing line, Mint Swimwear including even giving birth. However, it seems that baby daddy is not disclosed. She is also paid for the club appearance, for hosting the parties or for only appearing in the party. 
She says that the secret behind her body is working out and eating right. She likes to wear high heels since she is not too tall. She is known to have many boyfriends but she never got a husband but Orlando may become her husband soon since they are engaged. She is a mother to a son Kniko and she says that she is proud to have her. Her bio is not found at wiki.

 Draya Michele is now looking about the show in the rearview mirror and she does not make any apology when it comes to want to stop appearing in the VH1 reality show. She has been absent in the last episodes of this show and she explained that in the interview, she is more willing to focus the attention to other positive things. She said that reality shows can be tricky and the two seasons that she did were harder but for the last two seasons, she was already mentally over it.

She does not want to have the private life be displayed on the TV for everyone to see and so that she can be judged. She wants to live a private life and the TV ruins the families and the relationship including the work relationship while it tarnishes the name of the people. On the twitter, she said that she is happy about the opportunity given but she is no longer interested. She is now engaged to the professional Athlete called Orlando Scandrick. In the season four, she argued with different co-stars including the wife of Jason Maxiell. During the season, she did stop to make the appearance. She said that she can return to the show if she only appears talking about her swimsuit line and not about her family and love life on the TV.


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