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Speaking about David Muir, he was born on the 8th of November 1973 and his current age is 42. David Muir is a news presenter who was born in Syracuse, New York in the United States of America. David has a degree in Bachelor of Arts from Ithaca College. He has been working as a T.V presenter from 1995 up until now. The American journalist hosted the show, ABC World News Tonight with David Muir, which was broadcasted from New York City. He has one sibling who is older than him, one nephew and three nieces. Apart from English, Muir can fluently speak Spanish and Arabic. He went to Onondaga Central Junior-Senior High School and graduated in the year 1991. While Muir was in College, he also joined Institute on Political Journalism at Georgetown University and then went on to study at the University of Salamanca in Spain.

David’s career

· His work with WTVH T.V: David worked with WTVH television during the period 1995 - 2000. He worked as a reporter and anchor for the channel; his reports from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Gaza, after the murder of Prime Minister of Israeli Yitzhak Rabin rewarded him a lot of accolades, appreciation, recognition and honour from the association of the Radio-Television News Directors. He was awarded for the best television interview for best Enterprise reporting by the associated press. He was awarded as the anchor of the Best Local Newscast by the Syracuse Press Club and made a reputation as one of the best newscaster and anchor in Syracuse.

· His work with WCVB T.V: His stint with WCVB T.V lasted from the year 2000 to 2003, where he worked in Boston. In Boston too, a number of awards were waiting for him; he went on to bag the Regional Edward R. Murrow award in the category of investigative reporting. That apart he went on to win accolades and awards for the Best National Headliner and Associated Press Honour for his contribution to the investigation of the terrorist attack of 9/11. His anchoring and news-reporting skills were awarded time again.

· His work with ABC Network: this came across as a major turning point in David Muir’s life. In the month of August 2003, he joined the very popular ABC new. He anchored the news program called World News Now which was a whole-night show. In the year 2006, he started co-anchoring the news magazine Primetime. Later on, in 2007, he became the anchor of World News Saturday. 2012 was a big year for the journalist and presenter as he got a TV show named after him; World News with David Muir. There was a visible increase in the credits and viewership of the show, thus shedding light on his increasing popularity. 2013 went on to be another fruitful year career-wise, where David started co-anchoring the show ABC’S 20/20 along with Elizabeth Vargas. Over the years David covered a number of important world news which were watched globally, thus giving him more exposure. His association with ABC News proved to be fruitful not only for him, but also for the news channel.

· Some of the important world events he covered over the year are as follows

§ In 2005 September, David Muir was at New Orleans when the Hurricane Katrina hit there and covered the entire news, with minute by minute analysis of the crisis. He revealed the condition in the hospitals and sufferings of the locals during that time of distress.

§ In 2006, David reported from the border of Israel-Lebanon when the Hezbollah were fighting with the Israeli Army.

§ In 2007, he covered the Hamas coup after travelling to Gaza. In the same year he went to report the massive earthquake which hit Peru.

§ 2008 was another year where David made sure to bring the best of journalism for ABC News. He reported from Ukraine, around 20 years after the disastrous nuclear accident of Chernobyl which left many affected.

§ 2009 was a year when David reported about the rapid increment of American homeless children. Plus he visited the Gulf of Mexico several times to report about the issue of BP oil spill and created an investigative report on the whole incident.

§ The Haiti Hurricane in the year 2011 was a disastrous calamity which was reported by David. In the same year, he went to Egypt and covered the entire news on the Egyptian governmental reformation, and the protests. In the exact same year Japan was hit by a massive Tsunami and David reported about this nature’s wrath from Fukushima. He went to Somalia and Mogadishu to reveal to the world the horrible condition in which the people were surviving in. He reported about these famine afflicted countries from ground zero.

§ 2012 made David Muir the prime corresponded of ABC News. He covered the presidential election in 2012, where President Obama was re-elected into the office. His interview with Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate, about the immigration issue and economic crisis made it to the headlines.

§ 2013 saw David reporting from Iran; when there were talks about the nuclear deal. His investigative reports from Mogadishu and Somalia earned him the Edward R, Murrow award; also, he was the very first journalist from the West who reported from that part of the world.

§ On the 27th of June 2014, David finally succeeded Diane Sawyer as ABC World News’s managing editor and anchor. On September 1st 2014, his first broadcast was “World News Tonight with David Muir.” The show received a lot of appreciation and soon became one of the most evening news shows in America. Since 2009, NBC’s show Nightly News was outpaced for the very first time.

Other accolades: with his sheer had work David Muir has made a name for himself and seems to be irreplaceable as a broadcaster and journalist. The North-eastern University located in Boston, Massachusetts honoured him the degree in doctor of Media. He is one of the highest paid news personalities at the moment with a salary of a whopping $5 million.


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