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Daniel Tosh is an American born comedian com television host, writer, actor and executive producer. He is popular for his role in the Comedy Central television show. He also is the star of the stand up comedy tours, specials.

Early Life and Education

Tosh was born in West Germany. He grew up in Florida. He graduated from the Astronaut High School and after which he attended the University of Florida. He completed a degree in marketing from the University. Tosh commenced his professional career as a telemarketer.


Immediately after graduating from college, Tosh displayed his interest in doing comedy shows. He hosted a number of comedy shows as a comedian. His style of comedy is a bit different and attracted many critics but that did not stopped him from doing what he does best. He also hosted a show in Florida called Tens. Apart from all these, he served as spokesman in taco Bell commercials. Moreover, Tosh is also a regular guest on radio shows like the Loveline, Kevin and Bean, The Bob and Tom Show.

In 2003, Tosh gave a half hour performance in the Comedy Central Presents. Down the line, in his career as a stand up comedian, he performed in several shows.

Apart from performing as a stand up comedian in comedy shows, he also played interesting roles in television serials. He appeared in an episode of MTV’s Punk’d. Then he played fictional roles on “Elevator”, HBO’s runaway box production. There are other films where he appeared in side roles. He acted in the film Love Guru.

Tosh’s Style of Comedy

Tosh. 0 which is Tosh’s comedy central television show features the comedian’s art of throwing punch lines before the audiences. Though many believe that the show has racist remarks, but overall the jokes are funny.

Personal life

Tosh was born in West Germany and later he moved to the US where he did his schooling. Tosh has three siblings, a brother and two sisters.

Net Worth of Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh has been doing comedy shows, as a stand up comedian, sometimes as a host. Moreover, he has also acted in a number of movies. His endeavours are appreciated across the USA. He is quite a popular figure. It is because of which the net worth of this celebrity is estimated to be somewhere close to $16 million.


The celebrity, in his career has performed in movies, television shows, as well as a stand up comedian. He is credited to have albums like happy Thoughts in his name. The album consists of eleven songs.


Tosh is an acclaimed comedian. Nevertheless, he had performed in a number of movies. Among the important ones to name is the Love Guru, Just for laughs: Montreal Comedy Festival, The Best of Comedy Central Presents 2, Daniel Tosh: Happy Thoughts.

TV shows

Tosh is popular for TV shows like the Tosh.0, Brickleberry. But he is more a comedian than an actor. Majority of the people in the US know him as an accomplished comedian.

Other aspects of Tosh’s Biography

There are other aspects of Tosh’s biography that many people have not heard off. These are fascinating things as they help others to get inspired. Tosh was born in West Germany. However, the major part of his academics, he completed from educational institutes in the USA. Tosh came from a very humble background. In his initial days he used to be a knive seller, selling knives from door to door. When he was studying in the University of Central Florida, then he got acquainted with the role of the stand up comedian. As a stand up comedian, Tosh has many competitors in the business. One is Dane Cook. According to Google survey, it is estimated that Dane is more popular than tosh. Tosh was born in West Germany. His first job was that of a telemarketer. Later he served as spokesperson at the Taco Bell commercials.

He got his career break with the performance on a show with David Letterman. He did his schooling from the Astronaut High School, Titusville, Florida and completed graduation from the University of Central Florida. Presently the celebrity comedian is known to live in Hermosa Beach in CA. Tosh’s career has witnessed several ups and downs. He has won several accolades during his career as a successful comedian.

Relationships and Dating History

Tosh is an American comedian, and besides being a comedian, he is a writer, producer, television host, and actor. As a stand up comedian, he has entertained the US audiences. However, he is known for his offensive style of comedy which some people despise. Aged 40 years, Tosh has been on a relationship since 2009 with Megan Abrigo.

The actors, actresses, profession comedians, realized the significance of the different social networking websites. They realized that maintaining an online presence is important as that will boost their popularity ratings. Comedians like Tosh maintain accounts with the different social media websites so that he can communicate with his fans and followers to get the necessary feedback from them.

Charitable Activities

Tosh is also a Good Samaritan. He extends help to individuals who need it the most. Using his popularity, skills and talent Tosh has helped to raise money for individuals who are suffering from serious medical conditions.

Events and Shows

Popularity of Tosh can be estimated from the fact that whenever shows of Tosh are organized then individuals who enjoy watching comedy love to book for that event or show. They want to purchase the tickets. Whenever such shows are organized then they are described in detail on the web. Those keen to know about the shows go through the detail and know the prices of the ticket, the venue or place where the event is hosted and so on. Fun loving individuals can buy the tickets for the comedy shows, right from the comfort zones. It’s simple, fast and very much free from hassle. Tosh is a multi-faceted character. And at an age of 40 years, his net worth is about $ 16 million which is something amazing.


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