Dana Perino

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Dana Perino was born in the year 1972 and she is over 43 years old now. At his age, she was able to achieve popularity and fame. She is known for her hard work and dedication. She was born in the Evanston and this is found in Wyoming.

She is well known because of her appearance in the television show; The Five. She is not that tall and she is over 5 feet and 2 inches.

She is active and she is available on different social media life Facebook and twitter. This is where she shares her opinions and though about different matters. She has over 600 thousand followers on her twitter account and they all wait for her tweets with much anticipation. On her Facebook account, she has over 7 thousand followers. She is also available on Instagram.

Dana Perino dated peter mcmahon when she met him on the plane to go to Denver. The affair became a hot topic in the Town and it made every person to talk about them. They got married in the year 1998 and they live happy for many years. They do not have any children but it is a third marriage of his husband and he has the children from his previous marriage. The marriage is known to be strong and it is based on the mutual understanding which means that divorce is not likely to take place.

Dana Perino is beautiful and hot woman. She has the sexy figure that may catch the eyes of every man. She likes to flaunt her sexy body and hot legs in the bikini. The main reason behind the sexy appeal is a perfect body measurement which is 34-23-34. It is believed that she had a plastic surgery; a facelift which she did so that she can rejuvenate the features she had but she did not confirm this.

She is a successful woman and she is paid a good salary which boosts her net worth. Her net worth is believed to be over 4 million dollars and this is a healthy figure. Everything she does, show perfection and she is a successful woman. Because of her hard work, she has never been fired from any job.

In 2008, she got injury and she was hurt in the accident. It was in Baghdad and a journalist started to throw the stones to George W Bush who was the president of that time. She was able to survive that attack and the president was not hurt. Perino got hurt from the microphone stands and suffered a black eye. In 2007, it was the great day of her life and she was appointed to be White House Press Secretary under ex-President George W. Bush. She also worked as a political commentator of news channel Fox News.


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