Crystal Bernard

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Crystal Bernard was born in Texas and she is a popular person because of acting, singing and songwriting from the year 1982. She is gorgeous lady and she is well known because of the role she had in the Comedy TV show called Wings that became famous.  She was born and also raised in Texas and she is a younger daughter of Dr Jerry Wayne Bernard. She learnt how to act in Alley Theatre School found in Texas and she went to Spring High School to do regular studies. She was able to polish her acting when she attended Baylor University while studying the International relations.

Crystal Bernard is known for the contribution she made for different TV shows in the country. She had contributed to different movies and all were successful like her TV shows.  She had a career in the television which started with the Tenth Season of the Happy Days. She played as K C Cunningham. Afterwards, she appeared in the role of the guest artist in different television shows and she made a breakthrough when she had a major role in Wings and she played for the entire series. The TV show started to be broadcasted and it was produced in the year 1990 to 1997.

In addition of the TV shows, she featured in leading theater production. The major films she played include Young Doctors in Love, Jackpot and Slumber Party Massacre.  Even if she tried, her career in singing did not take off as she wanted. She did two albums which are The Girl Next Door and Don’t Touch Me there. After the two albums, she performed with different artists while she was also writing own songs.

Crystal Bernard had a long relationship with the film producer called Tony Thomas, however they never got married. There are some rumors that she had got a secret husband that she does not like to talk about.  However, everything was just printed in the gossip section of some newspapers and there is nothing that had been confirmed yet. She had undergone the plastic surgery at her face and this is noticeable clearly on the lips and the nose. She looked even better after her surgery but the different had been noticed by media.  Her net worth is over 5 million dollars and she lives happy. She was able to experience everything that the life has to offer.  But it is hard to know more about her personal life since she keeps it private.

She is trying to re-live the old days since she started to repost the vintage pictures of her on her Instagram account. Crystal Bernard is also active on Facebook and Twitter and there are many fans that like to follow her. By now she is among the most searched celebrity online.


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