Christine Negroni

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Born on December 19, 1956, to father Jaime Negroni and mother Dione Negroni Hendrick in Miami situated in Florida, United States of America, Christine Negroni spent most of her childhood days growing up in Florida. There is not much information available about her childhood or her parents. The information about her schooling and education is also not disclosed. Since childhood, Christine was interested in journalism and wanted to pursue a career in it.

In the year 1978, she took her first step towards her dream and started working at the WMAZ Macon as a broadcast journalist. Along with this, she also joined KSLA, New Jersey Nightly News, Trenton, WFSB and WGN as a broadcast journalist. It was in the year 1993 that she got her big break when she started working for CNN. She worked there for some years, but left CNN in the year 1999. She mainly worked on the news related to travel and aviation. During her time as a broadcast journalist, she received several awards which include an Emmy nomination and an award from the Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi.

Before joining CNN as a broadcast journalist, she joined CBS as a correspondent in the year 1988. While working her she received several honors like an Excellence Award from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and she was also the part of the morning show hosted by Charles Kuralt which went on to win several awards. She left her work at CBS in favor of working at the CNN as a correspondent.

In the year 2000, Negroni became an author as well when her book titled Deadly Departure: Why The Experts Failed To Prevent The TWA Flight 800 Disaster And How It Could Happen Again was published. The book went on to receive many appreciations and was even chosen as the Book of the Year by the New York Times. She went on to write another book in the year 2016 titled Lost and Confounded: Investigating the World’s Most Mysterious Air Crashes from the Hawaii Clipper to Malaysia 370. In the year 2000, Negroni went on to become a member of the Federal Aviation Administration. She was also a part of the International Society of Air Safety Investigations. She also presented a conference in Vancouver in the year 2007 which dealt with airport ground handling safety. In the year 2010, she was awarded the National Air Disaster Alliance and Foundation.

She is known all around the globe for her love and passion for traveling and aviation. She has been seen writing several articles, blogs, etc. on her experience and aviation. Her articles can be seen on several publications which include The Huffington Post, New York Times, Air & Space, etc. She has worked in several shows, but hasn’t done any movies until now. She is known to be married to Jim Schembari. She and her husband Jim are proud parents of four children. There is no news of any conflict or divorce between them. According to her biography, her salary as well as net worth is pretty high.


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