Burzis Kanga

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Interestingly enough there is no bio Wikipedia webpage set up for Burzis Kanga. He is mostly known for being the ex-husband of one of the most talented journalists – the co-host of Today – Hoda Kotb. As far as his professional experience goes, he’s known as a U.N.O coach of tennis. However, being a husband of Hoda got him a lot more public attention than his career. He is one of the most searched personalities on the internet. Nevertheless, his net worth remains unrevealed up to this moment.

Life and career

It is safe to say that Kanga exhibits a lot of hard working as well as sheer motivation and dedication to everything he puts his heart into. He has always been into sports and even from his very early age he wanted to become a tennis coach. Prior to marrying Kotb, Kanga used to live the normal and rather modest life of a coach. Of course, this was before he got the attention of the cameras and the all the media.

However, as far as his professional life goes, things are rather unclear. This is due to the fact that he is a very private and secretive person who has never shared any kind of private information. The fact that his birthday remains unrevealed is a proof of this. He was born with white ethnicity. The fact is that no other relevant publically disclosed information after his divorce is disclosed somewhere in the internet space.

Relationship with Hoda Kotb

In an interview, Kotb revealed that she and her husband met and fell in love on Valentine’s Day, as romantic as this may sound. They dated each other for quite some time and they finally got married back in 2005. Interestingly enough, Hoda also disclosed that sadly she signed the divorce papers on Valentine’s Day once again. Even though her relationship started and ended on this particular celebration, she reveals that she finds nothing special about it.

The information that Hoda reveals about her relationship with Kanga is all rather positive. She states that she has no hard feelings for her ex husband and that they had a very good relationship. She is also crediting him with her success, stating that he had a large part of it by the support that she gave here. There are numerous rumors regarding their divorce, but none of them have been confirmed yet. The cause for all this speculation is the fact that Kanga refuses to give any public information as to what caused the divorce. Unfortunately there is no information regarding the possible causes of their divorce which keeps us guessing.

Personal Life

As mentioned above, Burzis Kanga is a private person and he does not wish to reveal anything concerning him or his family. Journalists are guessing his real age and they are in the dark as to what is happening to him right now. There are numerous video clips of him on the internet but they are all during the time he spent with his wife. There is no further information about him which opens the door for a lot of speculation.


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