Brianna Keilar

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Brianna Keilar was born on 21 September 1980 in Australia. Later her parents moved to the USA seeking a better future for their child. She follows Christianity as her parents are Christians. She was very inclined towards tv from a very young age. She started sitting with her parents to watch the news when she was very young a habit that is very difficult to find in kids these days. She was gifted with a mind that wanted to know new things and wanted to work for the society.

This determination got her to get bachelor's degree in psychology and mass communication. She completed her degree from the University of California Berkely. She is a dual bachelor's degree holder. She joined KIMA-TV after completing her education. She wanted to change people's lives by getting them proper information about the world around them and by doing a proper all round journalism. She joined the TV company in 2001 as a general reporter. She also worked for the 107.3 KFFM on two shows Too: The morning Zoo and Billy, Blue, and Brianna. She later left the show to make her career even bigger.

She then moved to New York t work as a bigger firm and reach out to moe number of people. She first started at CBS at the news reporter for MTV. She did this great perfection and so people started liking her and the work that she did. She was an instant success at the TV station and so the people at the top went ahead and promoted her. She then started working at the MTV college network which was a step up from the general anchoring job.

In 2004 she was again promoted to the cover the presidential election of the USA which she did with all her hard work and energy. This paid off and she ws applauded for the work that she did and was a very well-known face in every household. This election gave her the exposure tat she needed for her career to go to the next level. Her brand value increased and now she was wanted by a number of other TV stations.

Next year she covered the Virginia Tech massacre which was a very big incident in the history of USA. She was among the first few correspondents at the ground zero. This made her name even more known and all the fans started to like her even more. In the year 2009, she married her longtime boyfriend Dave French. Dave is a producer by profession and lives in New York city with her wife.

All the hard work and energy that she put to her work paid off and her salary was increased to a very high amount and she is among the highest paid women anchors in the world. although she was born in Australia she has lived and worked all her life in the USA and so she is of American nationality as well as Australian. Her net worth is estimated to be around $15 million as she earns a lot of money through the CNN channel. Her biography can be read all over the internet on the websites such as Wikipedia. Her fans and followers can contact her through Facebook and Twitter.


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