Becky Quick

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Becky Quick was born on 18 July 1972 in Indiana USA. Her father was in the oil business and had to travel a lot so Becky has had a childhood on which she had to move to other places all the time. though it was difficult she learned a lot going to other places and meeting different people. She spent her childhood days in Indiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. She did her graduation from Rutgers University, later winning the Times Mirror fellowship from the Journalism Institute of Rutgers. It can be inferred that she was a very intelligent student and did very god throughout her education. She completed her college in 1993 when she got a degree in bachelor of Arts in political science.

While she was studying at the Rutgers university she started working at The Daily Targum. She was made the editor in chief which is a very high post for a student. She then also assisted in launching The Wall street Journal's website which has sine then gotten so many views and it keeps on growing which has made it even more popular than the paper itself. After completing her degree she got a job at CNBC in 2001. She has had a very interesting career as she has interviewed some of the biggest personalities in the world. Some of the big names that she has interviewed are Warren buffet, Jamie Dimon, T Boone Pickens and much more. She has also got the chance to interview US presidents.

Becky married Kevin Cahillane in 2006. Kevin is a computer programmer and those two met at a party that followed with dating and turned into love. They finally decide to get married and so they tied the knot. They, however, could not keep the marriage fro long and had to get a divorce in 2008 just years after their relationship. The main reason for the divorce was her extra affair with Mathew Quayle who later became her husband. While she was married to Kevin she interviewed Warren Buffet which to date is among her biggest work. After her separation from her first husband, she got married to Matthew Quayle who is an executive producer at CNBC.

They married in front of their family members and close friends in a low key event in 2008 just after her divorce which was criticized at the time as she had just divorced her first husband but it is her life and she could do anything that she likes with it. 3 years later her first child was born whom she named Kyle Nathaniel Quayle. She suffered from illness while giving birth. She is living a happy life with her husband and her baby in the USA. Her fans can follow her on facebook ass well as twitter and her biography can be read on Wikipedia. She earns a lot through her career at CNBC and her net worth is expected to be around $5 million. If she keeps going like this she will become one of the very best.


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