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Rebecca Lynn "Becky" Hammon was born in Rapid City, South Dakota (United States) on March 11, 1977. Her mother is Bev Hammon and his father was Martin Gammon; Bethy has two siblings: one brother and one sister. She has two nationalities: American and Russian. She is 5 ft. 6 in tall and she weighs 62 kgs.

Hammon was always passionate about basketball that is why she played in high school Basketball team almost all of her teenager years. She was too good that she was voted "female class athlete" by her class.

All of these achievements made of her "Colorado sportswoman of the year".

On November 12, 2004, her name was written on the "Colorado state university sports hall of fame".

When she received that, she knew she was doing the right thing. When she was just a girl people told her she could not be a coach since she was a woman.

She always grew up with the idea that coaching was a job for men and that even when she loved it she could not accomplish her dream. However she always had people around her that believed in her and always told her to fight for what she loved.

She did fight and she worked hard and that was how she could be such a good woman. She always says "There is no dream too impossible if you work hard".

For her it was a hard time to not be completely supported, but she did not care about people's negative comments, she cared about what she felt she was, a winner!


Hammon is actually working for the "San Antonio Spurs as an assistant coach since 2014.

But in the past Hammon was signed to the "WNBA" on 1999 and that made her join to "New York Liberty".

Here there are some to the clubs where she made her debut:

- (2002-2003) Tennessee Fury
- (2004-2006) Colorado Chill
- (2001-2002) Trentino Rovereto Basket
- (2006-2007) Rivas Ecópolis
- (2007-2009) CSKA Moscow
- ( 2009-2010) Row Casares Valencia
-  (2010-2011) Nadezhda Orenburg
- (2011-2012) WBC Spartak Moscow Region

Personal life:

Becky has always been a private person; she does not like to talk about her affairs or personal life; however we do know she has not a husband since she has not been married and that she is not planning to change that yet.

There are rumors about her dating Tony Parker; all these rumors began when he hired her as his assistant coach.  

Net worth:

Her salary is about $100 thousand dollars annually, so her new worth is an estimated of $650 thousand dollars.


Becky has always been a person with a good temperament; her family and friends say she seems to be in a good mood all the time.

She loves her family, and cherishes them a lot; she is faithful and kind and she is always taking care of people who are Around Her.

She has also done a lot of charity work especially with the children that do not have parents; for her children are the most important persons on earth, and she says that while she is still alive, she will fight for their rights.



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