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Anne Curtis is an actress and TV host who is famous for starring in Hiram, Maging Sino Ka Man and others. She is famous for her Kuyakoy moves and is also called as Kuyakoy Queen.

Personal life

Anne was born in Australia. Her father is an Australian and her mother is a Filipina. Her father was a veteran of WWII and he married her mother in 1982. She has a younger sister too. She had a half-sister who died when she was just four months old.

When she was visiting her mother’s relatives, she was asked by a scout to take part in a beauty pageant in Philippines. She took up talent classes for the contest. In 2016, she got engaged to Erwan Heussaff. He is the brother of Solenn Heussaff. When asked about the wedding date, she said that there will be no chance of wedding for the next two years as she has signed a two-year contract.

The first romantic affair of Anne that came out in the media was with Chub del Rosario. She met him in 2000 and dated till 2001. She was rumored to be dating Cogie Domingo in 2001 and it was said to be reason for the break up with Chubi. But, by the end of the year, she was seen with Oyo Boy Scotto. She dated him for two years. In 2003, she was seen with Richard Gutierrez and it was assumed that she broke up with Oyo. She dated Richard for a year and then was seen with Paolo Araneta in 2004. While she was dating Paolo, she was rumored to be dating Derek Ramsay. Neither Anne nor Derek commented on the same. In 2006, she was seen with Sam Milby. Again she was rumored to be with Luis Manzano in 2007 but, she was seen a lot with Sam. Sam and Anne got separated in 2008. She was single for about a year, before meeting Erwan. They met in 2009 and got engaged in 2016.

Their engagement came as a surprise to her fans because of the kiss scandal. In the beginning of 2016, social media was full of pictures of Anne’s sister kissing Erwan. When asked, Jasmine (her sister) said that it was not a big issue and stated that her sister does not bother about these things. Later, Anne came up to the media and commented that the picture was a private joke and there was nothing going on between Erwin and her sister. She stated that Erwin and Jasmine have a sibling-like relationship.

There were rumors that Jasmine never wanted her sister to be with Erwin. Erwin and Anne planned on getting engaged in February of 2016. Jasmine talked her sister out of this plan. Anne continued to defend her sister in all occasions. Erwin never commented on any of the above problems. Jasmine was never around to learn about her reaction regarding Erwin and Anne getting engaged.


In 1997, she auditioned for a part in a movie and got the role. Her first TV appearance was in Ikaw Na Sana. She starred in a lot of TV series and films later on. Her breakthrough came in 2004 when she starred in Hiram. She joined ASAP as a performer and also as a host. She is also a philanthropist who supports UNICEF. She launched a marathon for benefiting one of UNICEF’s campaigns. In 2016, she wrote a book for children in collaboration with UNICEF Philippines. Her net worth is $105 million dollars. She is considered as one of the top paid actresses in the world.

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