Angelo Pagan

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Angelo Pagan was raised in New York in the city of Bronx. He had the talent in the music but he preferred to go into the films and televisions. He started to work in the television commercials and was working in The Berkley Repertory Theater Company and in The California Shakespeare Company when he was still attending the college. When he was still living in San Francisco, he wrote and also produced or acted in six films and they were being sponsored by University of California in San Francisco. While collaborating with the university, he was able to produce two dramas that won the awards. These honors included National Educational Film Festival and American Film Festival Blue Ribbon. They also win the Planned Parenthood Film festival and American Public Health Association.

Angelo Pagan was also performing for her club circuit together with his band called Salsa Cliente. In the year 1988, he signed in Nasty Mix Records. Afterwards, he toured and also recorded, and this opened for the CC and the Music Factory. In the year 1995, he went to the Conjunto La Amistad of Johnny Polanco. He had recorded Mongo Santamari, La Palabra and Johnny Polanco.

From his biography, he started to act while he was still pursuing the recording career and his first role was in the Kiss Shot together with Dennis Franz and Whoopie Goldberg. He started in Virus of Robin Cook together with Nicolette Sheridan.

Angelo Pagan was born in the year 1968 in Puerto Rico in the area known as Ponce.

Angelo Pagan among the things he is known for, being married to Leah Remini is also included into them. The wedding was shown at VH1 series called Inside Out. Leah gave birth to their daughter Sofia Bella one day after celebrating 34 birthday. It was also chronicled on the VH1 documentary under the name Inside Out: Leah Remini the Baby Special. Leah was also called again when she was trying to wean the child away from the pacifiers and to start drinking from the bottles. However, Angelo has other children, 3 children from other relationships. Even if he is married to Leah in real life, he also appeared with her in different movies but not as his wife. He played as guest star in many movies and the well known one is when he acted as Rico in IPS. He was a co-worker to Doug.

Angelo Pagan come to Hollywood when he was 22 years old and during his days in college, he got an opportunity of working in different capacities. He appeared in other movies like The King of Queens and Without a Trace. He was an associate producer of VH-2 documentary about his wife and a baby. His net worth is estimated to be around 5 million dollars.


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