Amy Freeze

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One of the five daughters to be born to Linda and Bill Freeze, Amy Elizabeth Freeze, is originally from Utah and partly from Indiana. Jeffersonville High School being one of her first education providers, Freeze completed her graduation from her home town, Indiana. Her bio explains her variety of degrees including a Bachelor of Arts specializing in communication from Utah’s Brigham Young University based out of Provo, a Bachelor of Science in the field of geosciences from Mississippi and a Master’s degree from the prestigious UPenn. Her thesis talks about problems relating to sewer overflows in major cities and ways to overcome them. It has been magnificently titled ‘The Storm Water Action Alert Program’.

Freeze has had a terrific career path ranging from her work for WCAU (literally meaning ‘Where Cheer Awaits You’) for a period of four years to co-hosting innumerable live shows like ‘10!’ on television. She also simultaneously substituted at the New York based, highly commercialized Rockefeller Center in shows like ‘Weekend Today’. However, her broadcasting career mainly began thriving in Oregon where she signed up for ‘Good Day Oregon’ in Portland.

Other than the meteorological television shows, Freeze has also done cameo acts in shows like the dramedy, Scrubs, based on the life of medical interns at a teaching hospital. Being one of the world’s rare few women to have earned accreditation in this field from the honorable American Meteorological Society, she also has approvals from the National Weather Association.

Freeze has been declared winner of various noteworthy awards like the Emmy Awards for her enormous contribution to shows like ‘Outstanding Host’ and ‘Surviving Severe Weather’. She also has a special segment which she calls the ‘Freeze Frame’ wherein she attractively showcases and appreciates all the selected weather related photographs taken by people all over the world and sent to her via social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Another category called ‘The Freeze Factor’ is an innovative platform through which Freeze rates the weather proceedings for the next day on a scale of ten.

The glamorous ‘Dancing with the Stars’ winner is happily married to a Brigham University fellow student Gary Arbuckle since 1994 and they have four children. They’re far from filing for divorce. The unique chiropractor-scuba diver couple participated in and won a weight loss contest back in the year 1999 with prize money of about a hundred thousand dollars’ worth. Freeze, along with her large family, resides in the palatial area of Upper West Side situated in Manhattan.

The gorgeous 41 year old of American origin is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and belongs to the sun sign, Gemini. Being a sports lover, Freeze has a well maintained athletic body and has shown keen interest in several marathons. Her official net worth and annual salary haven’t so far been revealed. However, knowing her invaluable credentials, she most definitely must be worth millions of dollars. In a short span of time, Freeze has had a magnificent career path and has achieved tremendous success so far in life.


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