Ainsley Earhardt

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Bold and beautiful Ainsley Earhardt is a journalist. Ainsely Earhardt was born on 20 September 1976 in Spartanburg. In her young age her family moved to North Carolina. She studied at Sharon elementary school in North Carolina. Her colleagues in Fox news were also attended the same elementary school in South Carolina where she was taking knowledge. The same classmates were not longer her classmate as her family had to move to South Carolina. In South Carolina she was still in elementary school. She did her graduation in 1995 from Spring Valley high school. Ainsley was an extraordinary student. She got admission in university on scholarship basis. She always had leadership qualities for the reason she was a senator in university and work for students. She attended Florida State University where she specialized in biology further she attended University of South Carolina where she took journalism as specialized subject.


From her early educational life Anisely was an extraordinary student. She had leadership qualities and strong speech delivering capabilities. She was a senator in student life and work for student well-being. She took journalism as major subject. She was a member of beta Epsilon in university. She had a strong personality and great educational background she got her first job during her studies. She got job in local TV station WLTX- news 19. She hired as a reporter and got lot of publicity and her all programs ranked number 1. In her new career she worked day and night shows for experience and to sharpen up her career. She did not hesitate to work she travelled to New York to cover the event when a school gave a charity money for the rebuilding of World Trade Center. For her career she moved and travelled one place to another. In 2005 she moved to Saint Antonio where she worked as an anchor. She did morning and noon shows which rated on number 1. She was a brave girl. When she was in Taxes she skydived with U.S air force. She also took fly in F-16 of American army. Her major achievement was when she joined Fox News channel. She joined Fox channel in 2007 as a journalist. Her first show was at Fox channel was Fox and friend first. Broadcast live in morning. Her most recent coverage of Ainsley is in 2015. The career of her is going up day by day.

Marital life

With the career Ainsley also give importance to marital status. She gets married to Kevin in 2005 but the relation could not go longer and divorced. Till 2012 she stayed single but in the same year she again got married with football player Will Proctor. With the blessing of God she gave birth to baby girl in 2015. She is living leaving content life with her family.

Ainsley is a senior journalist of FOX channel. She works hard in her educational and career life. She manages her life very successfully. She is very kind and soft hearted. She balances her career and marital life.


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